• The HEALTHY-HIDE® Pledge
    Salix Animal Health is committed to providing premium products
    which are formulated from choice ingredients and processed under
    strict, food-grade guidelines. We developed the HEALTHY-HIDE®
    brand with our commitment to excellence in mind: it's the brand
    you can trust for the highest quality products that your dog will enjoy.
    The HEALTHY-HIDE Pledge
  • Goodness That Goes Beyond a Label
    We believe in dogs - in their endless enthusiasm, honesty and devotion. That's
    why at HEALTHY-HIDE® we are committed to satisfying man's best friend's cravings
    with Beefhide Chews that are 100% wholesome and delicious. If a rawhide is good
    enough to carry our name, you can be assured it is worthy of your trust and your
    pet's enjoyment.

    At HEALTHY-HIDE®, every one of our products reflects our commitment to
    deliver goodness and the ultimate quality in dog nutrition:

    • We only use the finest ingredients, like real meat and poultry
    • We create healthy Beefhide Chews in wildly palatable treats your dog will love
    • All manufacturing and packaging take place in Food Grade Facilities
    Goodness is More that a Label
  • Devoted to Man's Best Friend
    We are absolute hound dogs in the relentless pursuit of innovative and appealing
    products that deliver proven performance.

    • PRODUCTION STANDARDS: We are fussy about quality. Every easy-to-digest HEALTHY-HIDE®
      Beefhide Chew is a testament to the stringent control of our production process.
      From hand-chosen ingredients to meticulously prepared recipes, we carefully
      package our products to ensure their freshness and flavor.
    • INGREDIENTS: Dogs crave variety and flavor, and we indulge them by
      using only real beef, pork, chicken, liver, and cheese - served in a variety
      of irresistible choices. We then add nutritional supplements, such as
      Omega Fatty Acids and other proprietary ingredients, to promote your
      friend's skin, coat, and dental health.
    • KENNEL TESTED & APPROVED: We take our work home with us.
      Before shipping new products to stores, we routinely offer them to our
      own dogs. Only after getting "two paws" up from our pet family, we
      introduce them to the market so that every dog can enjoy the unique
      flavors and benefits of HEALTHY-HIDE® Beefhide Chews. "KENNEL-
      TESTED & APPROVED" guarantees you that HEALTHY-HIDE® treats
      are simply the best.
    Our Devotion to Man's Best Friend
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